The Right Cat Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

The feline-inspired cat eye glasses with their unique shapes exude a timeless elegance that enhances feminine beauty. Their versatility blends perfectly with any outfit. Whether it’s a chick top or a casual denim dress, you can wear it to tell your style statement.

However, before conjuring up your dazzling image in your head, you need to select the perfect cat eye glass that suits the shape of your face. Then only you can flaunt your style statement.

Every face is different, and each face has its distinctive shape and beauty. The cat eye  glasses you wear should enhance or balance these features.  Whether it’s an oval, round,  diamond, or square shape,   cat eyeglasses in myriad frames are available to complement the shape of your face and enhance your beauty.

Read on to get a picture of the right cat eyeglasses for your face shape.

#Cat Eye Glasses for an Oval-Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, then you are in the league of those fortunate lot. Almost all types of cat-eye frames will perfectly adorn your face. Whether it is narrow, wide, or oversized, you can dash it with confidence.

However,  if a subtle and classical look is your taste, a narrower cat eye frame will be your best companion. It highlights your facial features without going overboard.

 On the other hand, if you prefer a bold statement, then an oversized cat-eye frame will be your perfect fit to exude an aura of confidence.

Similarly, there are angular cat-eye frames to gift your face that edgy touch. And you have the option to go for rounded frames as well to exude a feminine and elegant aura.

#Cat Eye Glasses for a Round-Shaped Face

A pair of cat-eye glasses is an ideal choice for your round face shape. The angularity and corners near the temple arms and brow line of cat-eye frames sharpen the softer features of your face.

Therefore, when choosing cat-eye frames for your round face, you should opt for frames with higher-set temples. Here, the arms of the glasses are set higher on the frame, following the natural line of your brow. This design will draw the attention upward, and give an appearance of a longer or elongated face shape.

Similarly, oversized frames with slight upward curves are also worth trying. It creates a balanced look by providing a slimming appearance.

 Likewise, thicker cat-eye frames for round faces are also a great try, for they complement the facial features.

 If frames have sharper angles and distinct edges, it helps to give a more balanced look. Hence, cat-eye frames with more angular shapes bring contrast and definition to your round face.

Overall, you can choose styles that are wider than your face, for they can give the appearance of a longer shape.

#Cat Eye Glasses for a Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have narrow foreheads and chins, with wide cheekbones, then you are in the league of diamond-shaped faces. You can balance and complement your face shape through a careful selection of glasses.

 It is advised to select glasses that soften the angles of the face and draw attention away from the wider parts of your face. Cat eye glasses with rimless or semi-rimless frames fall in this category.

Similarly, angular cat-eye glasses with distinct lens forms like wings will look stunning on diamond-shaped faces with sharp edges.

#Cat Eye Glasses for a Square-Shaped Face

Check if your forehead, jaw, and cheekbones are of similar width, then you have a square-shaped face. The sharp features of your square face demand perfect glasses to balance them.

Here come the narrow cat eye glasses as it harmoniously balances sharp features. So, to balance the sharp features of a square face, it’s recommended to opt for narrow cat-eye glasses.

You can also go for cat eyeglasses with rounded edges. They provide a contrast to your square face and give a harmonious look by balancing the sharp features of the square shaped face.

A word of caution for you. If you have a square face, never go for cat eye glasses with  square or rectangular frames, because they will accentuate the angular features resulting in a boxy appearance.

#Cat Eye Glasses for a Heart-Shaped Face

If you have that captivating heart-shaped face, then your slim jawline and narrower chin beautifully contrast with a broad forehead and pronounced cheekbones. When you select cat eyeglasses, keep in mind to opt for frames that have wider widths than your forehead. It will bring a proportion and shift the focus from the broad forehead towards your eyes.


Cat eye glasses possess an enchanting power to steal attention. However, they can shine brighter only if you select the right one that complements the shape of your face. So, select the best to embrace the beauty of feline-inspired cat eyeglasses. Choose the perfect pair that complements your face shape and embraces feline-inspired beauty. Explore our guide on selecting the best cat eye fashion Eye Glasses, with or without prescription, to find eyewear that suits you perfectly. Checkout Lens League online eyewear store to find more collection

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