Prescription sunglasses: Fashionable Choice for Eye Care

Prescription sunglasses have become increasingly popular. Whether it’s your summer day or a beach vacation, sunglasses are our all-time companions.

However, if you wear glasses with prescriptions, you might face a dilemma in choosing between vision and style. Worry not, because these sunglasses come in as a practical and fashionable option for you. They ensure clear vision and UV protection. As a result, you maintain your visual clarity while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

 Before you start searching for the best prescription sunglasses in India, let’s glance over the basics of it so that you make an informed decision.

Let’s begin with Prescription Sunglasses

They merge vision requirements with tinted lenses of sunglasses. They are for people who need corrective lenses to see clearly but also need protection from the sun’s rays.

Why Prescription Sunglasses are fashionable choices?

Ever wondered about the immense popularity of these sunglasses? It lies in their sophisticated design.  Their wide range of designs, colors, and frames exude an elegant and swanky vibe. 

Accordingly, they feature almost the same styling as non-prescription sunglasses when it comes to frames. However, you may find difficulty in finding ones like the wraparound prescription sunglass with extreme curve. However, you have the option to pick wraparound with fewer curves.

You have myriad lens options to select from

Prescription sunglasses come with many lens options including bifocal and progressive. Hence, they are available for any lens prescription. Further, they can be made with several lens materials like glass, plastic, polycarbonate, etc.

For instance, let’s have a look at polarized prescription sunglasses. Polarized lenses are an attractive and practical option for outdoor activities. When participating in outdoor activities, you can wear them to reduce the glare.  By obstructing specific light waves, the polarized coating on the lenses reduces the glare. In addition to glare resistance, they also protect you from harmful UV rays.  Thus they ensure clear vision and save you from eye strain.

Prescription Sunglasses are always more practical than clip-on

Some of us prefer clip-on sunglasses. They may seem convenient. However, size matters when it comes to choosing your perfect fit. Hence, if it does not fit the size and shape of your eyeglasses, you need to adjust it now and then.

Why would we let imperfections meddle with our vision and activities when we have the option to select the perfect fit? Yes, prescription sunglasses can be tailored to our needs. As a result, they are the ones that accommodate all our vision needs. It perfectly fits in. So investing in prescription sunglasses will not go in vain.

A better option than Contact lenses

It is not a practical option to wear contacts when the weather is windy and sandy, especially when we enjoy a beach picnic. The sand, wind, and water can meddle with our eyes and make them watery and uncomfortable. Sometimes, the non-prescription sunglasses we wear on top of contact lenses may fail to shield our eyes from the sun’s rays.

Similarly, wearing contact lenses while swimming is not a good option as it can cause eye infections.

In such scenarios, prescription sunglasses are the best options. They are comfortable and practical companions on a beach day to get clear vision and UV protection. We can keep dryness and irritation at bay while enjoying the sun and water.

Custom features to meet your needs and preferences

Many lens brands offer custom features in prescription sunglasses. For instance, when you go for outdoor activities and sports, you can opt for prescription sunglass with scratch-resistant or polarized lens.

Likewise, prescription sunglass with anti-fogging lens is also there to ward off the harmful effects of cold weather.


In conclusion, prescription sunglasses are highly stylish and practical for an array of activities. It makes them an excellent choice for those who prefer the combination of practicality and style. It’s time to experience how they enhance your outdoor activities while safeguarding your eye health.

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